About Us

Surfaceworks is the distributor of XTONE large format (300x150cm) sintered porcelain tiles from Porcelanosa.

XTONE is Porcelanosa’s contribution to the world of large format sintered porcelain and is set apart by our superior print quality plus our unique and beautiful selection of 55 colours, designs, textures and sizes.

Porcelanosa is represented in over 140 countries and is the largest producer of quality porcelain tiles and products in the world (by volume) – based in Villa Real, Spain.

Advantages of using XTONE

100% recyclable

Durable surfaces made out of materials that can be completely re-used after their life cycle.


It prevents the absorption of liquids and the accumulation of odours thanks to its low porosity.


Low emission of volatile compounds, allowing direct contact with foodstuffs.

Scratch & impact resistance

High tolerance to energy from impacts and cutting tools used on the surface.

Resistance to heat &  cold

Stable to sudden temperature changes, it withstands extreme cold and hot conditions.

Fire resistance

It maintains its aspect and performance when exposed to high temperatures.
(like hot pots and pans)

UV Resistance

Unalterable to ultra violet rays, it remains stable against wear and tear due to strong UV illumination.

Abrasion resistant

High durability and good resistance to wear & tear and scratches from daily use.

Chemical & stain resistance

Unalterable to household chemicals and high resistance to any type of stains.

Easy to clean

XTONE is non porous, so the use of specific cleaning products is unnecessary thanks to the zero effort care of the material.

XTONE Applications

Functionality and design through compact sintered mineral. XTONE can adapt to any size, use and space in all types of projects. The limitation does not exist for the large format, allowing to execute avant-garde ideas never seen before: a new concept of use that goes beyond the traditional format.

Used for

  • Counter Tops
  • Interior Flooring
  • Exterior Flooring
  • Interior Walls
  • Exterior Facades
  • Baths & Basins
  • Tables
  • Wall Cladding